Manage your Business Continuity Processes

Do not build from scratch

No need to build your plans from scratch. With RecoveryPAC your Business Continuity Plans, Crisis Management Plans, Incident Management, Health & Safety can be fullly integrated with one and other

For most roads have been paved

Special needs require new roads. Most roads exist and are used by others. You just need a guide to help you through. Or tell your manager you want to reinvent the wheel....

RecoveryPAC brings daily updating to reality

Never Out Of Date

Plans build in text editors are usually hard to maintain. With RecoveryPAC you can easily modify your plan every day.

One Or More Plans

Continuity Plan, Recovery Plan, Crisis Teams, Facility Team, Recovery Team, ... With RecoveryPAC you have one masterplan, covering many calamity types, creating team or e.g department specific manuals.

Every Phase Its Demands

Incident varify from 'false' alarm to catastrophe. Every phase has its own requirements. Piccolocards with 'startup' information, pocket plan with some more information, manuals for teams, departments. Your requirements determine to have it at hand, in digital or printed format, stored on device or in the cloud.
With a 30 year history (in 2014) it can be said that RecoveryPAC has proven its value. Thousands of plans have been made and maintained using this tool. Straightforward and simple design. Always with an open mind for new features. With the Egyptians, Greek and Romans, Chinese, Inca's (etc.) as inspirators for the art of preparation we dare to state that the organizational approach we have is of all times. The major changes are the techniques used and the change in products and services over time.